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The award winning K12 curriculum is rooted in decades of research in effective educational practices and the insights of cognitive science.


The k12 curriculum features a comprehensive catalog of courses with engaging on-line lessons, videos, and interactive games, complemented by hands-on manipulative and interesting textbooks.


Develop language communication skills necessary to read, write, and understand the Arabic language.

Develop an Arabic vocabulary suitable for each grade level.

Instill a deep appreciation of reading the Arabic language.

Applying and exercising gained skills and abilities in Arabic towards writing essays, letters, greeting cards, research papers etc.

Ability to express themselves and describe their surroundings with the correct Arabic sentence structures.

Develop language skills for reading, writing, understanding , speaking, and mastery of the Arabic language... the language of Qur'an.

Noor Elementary School

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Arabic/ Qur'an / Islamic Studies Overview

Noor Elementary believes that learning the Arabic language is an essential key towards understanding the Qur'an. The Arabic curriculum has been designed and developed in such a way, for the students will be able to master the language.


Noor Elementary School